Understanding Teenagers – Developing Your AdoleSENSE – 038


With a show hosted by all youth group kids and two former youth pastors we were bound to have an episode on the joys of adolescence eventually.  Understanding teenagers can be a difficult undertaking, especially the further we are removed from our own youth.  This week we look at what adolescence is, how it has changed and how we can help be a part of creating a space for the emerging generation to thrive.  The episode finishes with a new segment called Top 3.  Jeff, Mona and Allen share their top 3 fictional adolescent characters. Read More

Terrorist Attacks in Baghdad, Beirut and Paris – When Peace Eludes Us – 037


In a 24 hour period there were terrorist attacks in Baghdad, Beirut and Paris by suicide bombers and shooters in what are being attributed to the work of ISIS terrorists. The world is reeling. Countries are debating closing their borders to refugees, communities are dealing with the strains of fear, and we are all left with hard questions. What is going on? What are we going to do about it? What do we do when peace eludes us? And in this episode, listeners weigh in with questions of their own. Read More

Human Trafficking Around the World – The Economics of Evil – 036


If you or someone you know suspects someone might be a victim of trafficking, contact the National Human Trafficking Resource Center hotline at 1-888-373-7888

This week’s conversation tackles the horrific reality of human trafficking around the world. Jeff, Mona and Allen discuss the realities of forced labor, the underground sex industry, roles that race and patriarchy might play, and offer partial solutions to this global, systemic evil. After such a heavy topic, the co-hosts talk about the ways they care for their own emotional and mental health when confronting the heaviness of the world. Read More

Hunger in America – Interview with Allison Bovell – 035


Mona sits down with guest Allison Bovell for a discussion on hunger in America.  Allison is the Research, Policy and Communications Coordinator for Children’s Health Watch.  She will help provide needed insight on the issue of hunger in america.  Things like government assistance programs, economic factors, health and developmental issues, and of course a theological perspective.

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Halloween and the Supernatural – Paranormal Proclivities – 034

034-halloween-and-the-supernatural-Irenicast-conversations-on-faith-and-culture-an-irenicon-886x260In one of our more surprisingly combative Irenicast episodes, Jeff, Mona and Allen discuss various things related to Halloween and the supernatural.  Everything from their favorite Halloween memories, scary encounters, angels, demons, fear and of course some history and theology.  This witch’s brew of topics concludes with a new segment:  Pursuit of the Trivial. Read More

Is Humanity Good or Bad ? – God, Something Has Got to be Done About Your Kids – 033

033-is-humanity-good-or-bad-Irenicast-conversations-on-faith-and-culture-an-irenicon-886x260Is humanity good or bad? What is total depravity and original sin and are they helpful for the life of faith? Emilie, an Irenicast listener, touches off a conversation between Jeff, Mona & Allen over these questions and more when she wonders if “being told every Sunday morning for decades on end that you are dirty, sinful, wicked, and completely worthless” makes theological sense. And in honor of Back to the Future Day’s impending arrival, your hosts offer a few 30-year predictions of their own. Read More

God and Aliens – The Universe Doesn’t Revolve Around You, Probably – 032


Does life exist on other planets? If we discover an alien civilization, does that mean God won’t love us or hang out anymore? Is Allen’s alien superpower the lamest thing ever or the greatest? Our co-hosts answer these questions and more in this week’s episode on God and aliens. Read More

Oregon Community College – Tragedy and Lament – 031

031-oregon-community-college-Irenicast-conversations-on-faith-and-culture-an-irenicon-886x260On October 1, 2015 a shooter used six guns to murder nine people on the Oregon Community College campus. In light of the tragic event, our hosts pause to lament, reflect, process, and discuss the day itself, as well as the issues it has come to represent.

In Memoriam

Lucero Alcaraz, 19
Treven Taylor Anspach, 20
Rebecka Ann Carnes, 18
Quinn Glen Cooper, 18
Kim Saltmarsh Dietz, 59
Lucas Eibel, 18
Jason Dale Johnson, 34
Lawrence Levine, 67
Sarena Dawn Moore, 44 Read More

Xenophobia – Nothing to Fear but Everyone – 030


What do immigration, violence and homemade clocks have in common?  Fear.  Fear seems to be a consistent motivator in our culture, especially fear of the other.  This week Jeff, Mona & Allen address many of the issues connected to Xenophobia. Wrapping up the show our hosts bring back a segment called Say What!? Read More

Why People Are Leaving Church – The Dones – 029


The subject of church can be a joyous one or a difficult one depending on your experience.  This week Jeff, Mona and Allen explore some of the possible reasons why people are leaving church.  Specifically they discuss a group of people known as ‘The Dones’.  People who are done with church, but not done with their faith.  And then for something completely different, the team plays a round of Was it Hitler? Read More

Conversation with Brandy Daniels – Part 2 – 028.5


The conclusion of our conversation with Brandy Daniels focuses on her current work in the field of theology.  She explains in detail her thoughts on the importance of the connectivity of theology and the way that we live.

You can check out Brandy’s full list of accomplishments and bibliography on her Vanderbilt bio page. Read More

Conversation with Brandy Daniels – Part 1 – 028


Jeff sits down this week with Brandy Daniels.  Among the many things Brandy is involved in she is an author for the blog, Women in Theology (WIT), and a Ph.D. candidate at Vanderbilt University.  Her work centers on the intersection of queer theory and Christian theology.  In this conversation Brandy shares her journey from youth group kid in an evangelical church to a career in academia and how that journey not only affected her theology, but her spirituality as well.

You can check out Brandy’s full list of accomplishments and bibliography on her Vanderbilt bio page.

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The Ashley Madison Hack and Privacy – Let Those Without Sin Search the First Email – 027


Bugapolocalypse, seductive scarf dancing and humans with lion tails.  This is all in just the first 5 minutes of this week’s episode.  Our conversation is an in-depth discussion on the Ashley Madison hack and privacy in the digital age, capped off by a round of “Craigslist Hall of Fame.” Read More

Secular vs Sacred – Part 3, Selves – 026


Total Eclipse of the Heart, Alanis Morrisette, and high school reunions are some of the stops along a stroll through the respective pasts of our hosts this week.  In this episode, Jeff, Mona & Allen conclude their secular vs sacred series with a discussion on the sacred in terms of selves.  What makes a person sacred?  Can one person be more sacred than another?  Do we confuse the sacredness of a person’s status, position or accomplishments with the sacredness of the person?  These are all questions, and more, our hosts attempt to tackle, before finishing off with another round of Name that Sound. Read More

Secular vs Sacred – Part 2, Spaces – 025


In this second installment of the secular vs sacred, hosts Jeff, Mona and Allen discuss “spaces.”  They explore what makes a certain location more or less sacred than another.  This weeks episode is wrapped up with a segment called Dinner Party.  Each of our hosts share three people they would have over to a dinner party and why.
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