All Things In God, A Christian Panentheistic Vision

“In him we live and move and have our being.”

Acts 17:28

In the beginning, God opened up a space within God’s self and created the universe.

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Then people, in an attempt to revere God as transcendent (something greater than themselves), confined their relationship with God to sacred pockets within that universe.  They expected God to show up at special places and at special times.

But a middle eastern man soon changed things.  He tore down the wall of division and ushered humanity into the Holy of Holies.  He reminded us of the God in whom we are…  in whom everything is.

And we remembered that all things exist within God.

So we took care of things. We cared for the world and for each other, because we knew that all things were intimately connected with the divine, that everything was sacred.  We started recognizing God in even the “mundane” things and giving thanks to this God for every expression of existence.

We awoke to the wildly pervasive presence of God.

And we began to see the world wake up around us.

Allen Marshall O'Brien

Allen Marshall O’Brien is the pastor of a UCC church in Northern California and co-host of the Irenicast. He believes in the importance of education, peace, and ecology, throws things to his border collie Sonata, and writes for multiple platforms.

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