Israel Part 3 [of 4]: Early and Medieval Church

This is the 3rd in a 4 post series of a few pictures I took in Israel while traveling with Fuller Seminary’s ANE department.

Part 1: Sites from the Old testament
Part 2: “Intertestamental” and New Testament
Part 3: (this one) Early/Medieval Church
Part 4: Contemporary Israel

It is probably best to take a second and mention Helena, mother of Constantine.  Constantine was the first Christian emperor of Rome and tradition says that his mother took a tour through the Holy Land in the 4th century CE to discover holy sites and build both churches and shrines upon them.

While it is nearly impossible to verify if any of these locations legitimately mark what they claim to mark, they hold much significance as sites of Christian worship for nearly 1,700 years.

Under each of the pictures are short descriptions of these awesome places.  Click the first image to start.

So that’s a small glimpse of a few important sites venerated by believers for the past millennium and a half.  Pictures of present-day Israel (among them images of minefields) will be uploaded tomorrow.  Cheers.

Part 2 [New Testament] <– | –> Part 4 [Contemporary Israel]

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