Equal Education, Unequal Pay: Gender Wage Gap Infographic

The good people over at Learn Stuff saw the article I wrote about a certain historical, theological perspective on gender.  They wanted to add something to the conversation and asked me to pass along this fantastic infographic on the gender wage gap.  Take a look at it and tell us what you think. Then share.


4 thoughts on “Equal Education, Unequal Pay: Gender Wage Gap Infographic

  1. I’m just putting this one out there: if women are graduating more frequently from college, with better grades, then doesn’t that mean (if a company is looking for a 50-50 split in their workforce, or even a slight edge towards women) because more numerous, more qualified candidates are present to fulfill a job a company can pay less simply because that would work? If a company is hiring for two positions, and to keep them equal they’re hiring one guy and one girl, the girl position is–comparatively–getting swamped with applications.

    1. I don’t think every company is necessarily trying to keep things equal – they aren’t hiring one guy and one girl. In this case of Fortune 1000 companies’ CEOs, only 4.6% are women.

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