Mark Driscoll’s Publishing Tactics Trigger A Golden Age For Christian Publishing

First he published the book that inspired Christian sex everywhere, now Mark Dirscoll’s methods are inspiring what some have called “a golden age for Christian publishing… and for the Gospel.”


It turns out that the publishing game is a difficult one for many would-be authors. There has never been, reportedly, as many children born each day and as many schools dedicated to the inculcation of writing mechanics in those children as there are now, lifting the production of literature to previously unheard levels.

All of this white noise once made obtaining national acclaim seem impossible; Christian hopefuls, especially, were left with nothing to depend upon but skill, luck, and a little bit of help from Providence.

RealMarriageDriscollWhen Mark Driscoll’s church was discovered paying a company $210,000 to work the system behind The New York Times bestseller list, however, a tool was added to the Christian evangelistic arsenal (although some have pointed to the publishing practices of authors like Rick Warren as certain precursors). The company ResultSource helped Driscoll sidestep stipulations that prevent authors from buying their way onto the bestseller list and secured a #1 spot for Real Marriage in January, 2014.

Mars Hill responded to the allegations by saying “we will explore any opportunity that helps us to get [the Gospel] out… we want to tell lots of people about Jesus by every means available.”

Although some Christians complained that this type of thinking harms the witness of their religion, others realized that their own prudish hesitancy to use “any means necessary” was a detriment to the Gospel. Following the lead of Mars Hill, several Christian authors began contacting companies similar to ResultSource, thankful that such “Kingdom resources” existed, while many Christian bloggers reported feeling what they previously thought to be the pangs of conscience dampen whenever they payed for likes on their Facebook pages.

The horizons opened by Dirscoll and Mars Hill created a revolution overnight, giving hundreds of Christian voices the edge, and the permission, that they needed in order to “really make a difference.”

In case you were wondering.
In case you were wondering.

Allen Marshall O'Brien

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