A Prayer for Nepal

A Prayer for Nepal – Merciful and loving God, we pray for all those affected by the earthquake in Nepal. We know you to be a God whose love knows no bounds. Although tragedies like this make it harder for us to affirm that, we thank You for being patient enough to allow us to cry out. At times to even cry out against You with questions and accusations. In the end, however, we have hope that You fill all those who suffer with Your comfort and peace, through the hands of those acting from a place of love.

For those paralyzed by fear, may they find in the community support from this shared experience a temporary comfort during this terrible time.  Especially as each aftershock becomes a haunting reminder of what has happened.

For those still searching for loved ones, may they find them.  Unfortunately we know all too well that not everyone will, but we pray for it none-the-less.  In the midst of this horrific event please allow there to be spots of hope and light.

For those who have lost loved ones, may they find comfort in the silent embrace of others who have also experienced loss.  May they find the space in the chaos to cry out and mourn.  May they also find space where they can see something other than destruction and rubble.  Something that is beautiful and ordered, so that at least a part of their being can know somewhere, and in someway, life still continues.

For those who remain trapped under rubble, give them strength and hope.  Allow them to be found.  Allow them to be reunited with loved ones.  As they are trapped give them the ingenuity to signal for help or dig themselves out.  If there is no way out, bring them something tangible that will help provide the desire to hold on: a photo of a loved one, a picture that their kids drew, something, anything.

For the rescue workers who provide relief and recovery may their senses be heightened as they search, may their resolve be strengthened as they find and may their compassion be increased as they help mend.

And for us, who are moved with all kinds of emotions but removed from the situation.  Do not allow our sense of helplessness lead us into apathy or indifference for lack of any apparent effective action we may be able to take.  Let whatever action we do take fortify in our hearts that this disaster should be a lasting reminder that our community is a global one, and extends far beyond the borders of city, state and nation.


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