An “irenicon” is a proposition that attempts to harmonize conflicting viewpoints and An Irenicon is in the business of harmonizing theology, faith and culture. Sometimes it means criticizing culture and sometimes it involves disrupting theological norms, but harmony is the goal we’re after.


IRENICAST – The Podcast

Irenicast is the weekly podcast of An Irenicon.  It is dedicated to conversations on faith and culture.  Hosts Jeff, Mona, and Allen explore various topics from pop culture to the more serious issues impacting religion, society, and day-to-day life. New episodes are posted every Tuesday (with the occasional bonus episode on Fridays).  In addition to thought-provoking conversation Jeff, Mona & Allen indulge in more light-hearted segments like Jesus or Jay-Z?, Famous Christians for 100, IreniHacks and Jesus Juke, to name a few.



JeffJeff is husband to an incredibly strong woman and father of two captivating girls.  He is currently the Director of Discipleship at a United Methodist church on the central coast of California.  In addition to getting his B.A. in Theology, he also received his ordination through the prestigious online organization of The Universal Life Church whose alumni include the likes of Conan O’Brien.  Jeff loves all things that tell a story: people, movies, tv, music, comics, etc.

Follow Jeff on twitter & instagram @revjefe07 or email him at jeff@irenciast.com

Mona2 Mona “The Danger” grew up as a worship-leading pastor’s kid in California. She studied business and theology in undergrad, and spent several years working in the world of marketing before regressing into childhood, known by another name full time grad school. She currently enjoys the cerebral vibe of the East as a seminary student in a social-justice focused Masters of Divinity program. In her free time, Mona is a consummate dabbler in many hobbies. This includes 1) painting and watching documentaries about Renaissance Art masters to remind herself that modernity is a crock (Velasquez? Anyone?) 2) getting her groove on in blues and salsa dancing, because sex 3) playing video games, all time favorites include the Sims and Zelda 4) traveling abroad, exploring the world is important (but don’t Columbus, people) 5) jamming with her kick ass musical buds. Mona also enjoys writing melancholy breakup songs, even when she is super happy. In fact, she enjoys writing songs so much that if you give her a good song title she might probably write one for you and play it on the show. Finally, she sends super love to all the people in our Irenicast community and is having a blast doing this project with Allen and Jeff.

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AllenAllen Marshall O’Brien (creator of an irenicon) received his B.A. in Biblical Studies from The Master’s College and an M.A. in Theology and Biblical Studies from Fuller Theological Seminary, making him the illegitimate child of both conservative and moderately progressive evangelicalism. He has worked in church ministry since 2006 and is currently solo-pastoring at his local UCC congregation. When not ministering, Allen volunteers as a hospital chaplain, co-hosts the Irenicast, and can be found drinking Nicaraguan coffee (or at least thinking about it).

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