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Syrian refugees

When I See Pictures of Victims

To be sure, a cityscape is not made of flesh. Still, sheared-off buildings are almost as eloquent as bodies in the street. -Susan Sontag, Regarding the Pain of Others A photograph of refugees streaming out of war-torn Yarmouk introduces an online… Read More

The Cure For “Racial Tensions?”

Answers in Genesis emailed me ten days ago. They claimed to have found the cure for “racial tensions” (and yes, they used quotation marks). “Racial tensions” manifested by the likes of street demonstrations in Ferguson, use-of-force inquires, the shooting… Read More

Call it Complementarianism all you want, but this is what it looks like.

  despot[Complementarian]ism: a form of government in which a single entity, individual or group rules with absolute power.

Remembering Differently: Memorial Day

If my Facebook newsfeed is any indication, Americans do not approach Memorial Day in a uniform way. Some Americans barbecue, party, and celebrate their day off work while others lament the national disconnect with “what the holiday is… Read More


The Definitive List of 2014’s Attacks on Christianity Which, Um, Aren’t That at All.

1. Darren Aronofsky’s Noah. Surely Aronofsky’s adaptation of Israel’s adaptation of Babylon’s adaptation of a great flood story is an affront to God.

Talking About War: American Mass Media and Christian Theology

This project centers on mass media portrayals of military and warfare in the United States and seeks to reflect upon them through the application of practical theology.  Elements of the Christian theological tradition will serve the current project… Read More


Malala Yousafzai Is Great And All, But She Isn’t A Christian?

I just can’t do it. I was going to write this satirically, but I will not. I won’t write it because Malala Yousafzai’s remarkable story is filled with strength, hope, and love… the very characteristics of the God… Read More

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Equal Education, Unequal Pay: Gender Wage Gap Infographic

The good people over at Learn Stuff saw the article I wrote about a certain historical, theological perspective on gender.  They wanted to add something to the conversation and asked me to pass along this fantastic infographic on the… Read More

RE: “Distracted” – Satan Didn’t Post That Picture, I Did.

DEAR CAITLIN, Your post blew up today. Christians on Facebook and Twitter have been reposting your article like crazy, which I’m sure has pleasantly surprised you. You are probably both a kind and intelligent person, but your article is neither… Read More

5 “Reasons” Why Atheism Should Be Illegal Instead of Gay Marriage

Our culture has accepted two huge lies: The first is that if you disagree with someone’s lifestyle, you must fear them or hate them. The second is that to love someone means you agree with everything they believe… Read More

Petition Donald Trump: Give the $5 Million Regardless

Donald Trump launched his “bomb” yesterday; if Barack Obama would release his college transcripts and passport application, Trump would donate $5 million to a charity of Obama’s choice. You can see the video at the bottom of this… Read More


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Dan Savage’s Bible-Speech is Wrong, and Kind of Right.

A short video of several highshcool journalists walking out of a lecture by Dan Savage is going viral and it’s eliciting intense responses; I believe Savage’s main point is correct, but his approach and the presmises which lead… Read More

The Baby-Makin’, Prone-to-Evil, “Other” Gender: Woman.

When I set out to write this I didn’t think that it would be relevant for some of you.  I had thought that unless you grew up in the type of town, place, and community as I did,… Read More

The First Step Of Christian Ethics Is Out Of Your Shoes

My politics and ethics tend to side with the poor, the outcast, the convict, the disenfranchised, and the oppressed because I believe God has sided with me, an outcast.  Such an understanding is at the heart of Christian… Read More