There are no shortage of ways to share your feedback with An Irenicon.  If you have specific feedback for a blog post or podcast episode you can contribute to that specific conversation in comment section for that post.  All general feedback for the blog and podcast can be given here.  This page contains all the ways to contribute to our on-going conversations on faith and culture.


Post-Evangelical Facebook Group

Irenicast started a Facebook group called Post-Evangelicals.  All are welcome, whether you are an Irenicast listener or not.  Although we are facilitating the group it is not necessarily exclusively affiliated with the show.  It is not a promotional vehicle for the show.  However, it is a place for people that are journeying through the ideas represented on the show.  If you consider yourself post-evangelical or would like to discuss it, feel free to join this group.  Jeff, Mona and Allen are active on there and excited to get into some deeper conversations about this stuff.  We love interacting with more of our listeners and like-minded people in the group.

The group can be found at


Voice Feedback

We’d love to actually hear from you.  Record your feedback below.  Messages need to be 90 seconds or less.

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