RE: “Distracted” – Satan Didn’t Post That Picture, I Did.


Your post blew up today. Christians on Facebook and Twitter have been reposting your article like crazy, which I’m sure has pleasantly surprised you.

You are probably both a kind and intelligent person, but your article is neither of those things. Read more “RE: “Distracted” – Satan Didn’t Post That Picture, I Did.”

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“Spam?” Try “The Most Love I’ve Ever Recieved.”

I get spam comments on my blog all the time– comments attempting to link myself and the people who happen to click into the wonderful world of “an irenicon” to things like Free-TV websites, online credit schemes, and other virus infested fun pages.  The nifty software installed on my blog has blocked all of this incoming commentary and herded it into a special folder labeled “spam.”

But this stuff isn’t spam, it’s goldRead more ““Spam?” Try “The Most Love I’ve Ever Recieved.””

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Sad Blogsy, Happy Beard

sad face
(Photo Credit: Sean Durham)

A friend recently told me that my blog is depressing.  I guess my frustration with the world comes through, considering all the criticism I have to offer.  I hold it near to my heart, like someone might a puppy.

The truth is I am sad much of the time… but that isn’t why I write.  I’d like to think that my writing is a celebration of hope.  I groan because I believe we can grow.  I complain because I relish what the world could be.

Please don’t misunderstand the things I write; behind every criticism is a cheer of expectation, behind each complaint a shout of promise.

I lament optimistically. That’s what bearded people do.

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125 Million Things

Talking Mouth
Image by rrho via Flic

In the past eighteen days, five million “25 things” were sent out on Facebook.  They are a testament to, in my opinion, the all-pervasive self infatuation that defines our culture (for those of you that fill these out, please do not take offense to what I have to say- for no self survey is necessarily bad, but we do need to consider something here). Read more “125 Million Things”

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