Vulnerability and the Ritz Cracker People

Fraser Valley Elementary School classroom
(Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

I only wanted one thing in first grade.  Our teacher would play a memory game with the class where she walked around the room, touching several objects; desk, chair, light switch, aquarium, blackboard.  She would finish her circuit and call up a kid to try and reproduce the exact order.  I can’t tell you how many times we sat on the edge of our seats as kid after kid would fail,  hoping the next kid didn’t figure it out…  I knew if I could only have a go at it, I would do it perfectly. Read more “Vulnerability and the Ritz Cracker People”

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Growing Up Way Too Fast (Getting Age Wrong Part 1)

This is Part 1.  Click here for Part 2: “The Infantilization and a Theology of Aging.”

We are making men and women out of babies.  I know that’s eventually the point, but we’re doing it entirely too fast.  What is worse, our society rushes us out of childhood only to spend the rest of our lives convincing us that we’re too old.  Where’s the love?


This will be my brief attempt at justifying a lamentation of the loss of childhood in our culture. Read more “Growing Up Way Too Fast (Getting Age Wrong Part 1)”

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