Leaving Behind Left Behind Theology

Nicolas Cage is slated to one-up Kirk Cameron in the latest Left Behind movie this October. The movie is based on a novel based on a theology based on Darby’s method for reading prophecy in the Bible.

Leaving Cage BehindI myself read all 16 of the Left Behind books in high school and college. Voraciously. With pleasure. Read more “Leaving Behind Left Behind Theology”

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Our Beliefs About The End Times Might Be Poisoning Us

Popular Christian belief about the future might be preventing us from obeying Jesus.  Even if you haven’t heard of premillennialism, chances are your church subscribes to some form of it (for Evangelicals, anyway). This particular brand of end times theology teaches of a tribulation to come, a veritable hell on earth, ushered in by discernible clues.

And many believe it starts with peace in the Middle East. Read more “Our Beliefs About The End Times Might Be Poisoning Us”

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The End Is Near

The world as we know it ends this Saturday; May 21, 2011… according to Harold Camping, Family Radio, and thousands of his followers.  They are selling all earthly possessions and spreading the word that Judgment Day is around the corner.

My favorite of their advertisements reads “Save the Date” in some ironic attempt to get the word out about the seriousness of Jesus’ impending return.

This recently touted doomsday prophecy has nearly eclipsed those associated with 2012 and Read more “The End Is Near”

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