Repost this or Burn in Hell

Thank God you found this article.  Whoever you are, I love you deeply and care for the destination of your soul.  That’s why I’m glad that you’ve stumbled across my blog and have heard TRUTH.  You now have the awesome opportunity of sharing this article with all of your friends and family so that other people can hear the TRUTH.

It’s an awesome opportunity, and if you don’t take this chance to share, you can spend eternity rethinking that decision forever in the fiery abyss, separated from all the distractions and peer-pressures that prevented you from sharing it in the first place.

Christian views on Hell Read more “Repost this or Burn in Hell”

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125 Million Things

Talking Mouth
Image by rrho via Flic

In the past eighteen days, five million “25 things” were sent out on Facebook.  They are a testament to, in my opinion, the all-pervasive self infatuation that defines our culture (for those of you that fill these out, please do not take offense to what I have to say- for no self survey is necessarily bad, but we do need to consider something here). Read more “125 Million Things”

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