The Baby-Makin’, Prone-to-Evil, “Other” Gender: Woman.

When I set out to write this I didn’t think that it would be relevant for some of you.  I had thought that unless you grew up in the type of town, place, and community as I did, or went to my church or attended my school… that these things I’m thinking through would look weird, or archaic, or inapplicable.  But that simply isn’t true.   We children of Western culture and our ideas about womanhood are largely shaped by the very same streams of philosophy and theology that  precede us.

And what we collectively think about Woman shows up in things like our current 77.4 cents to every dollar wage gap between the genders.  Women are generally paid less, even when their education rates are generally higher. Why? Read more “The Baby-Makin’, Prone-to-Evil, “Other” Gender: Woman.”

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