Purity Culture, Jesus, and the Markan Narrative

The evangelical obsession with purity.

Reminds me of ritual purity law.

Especially when it determines who is inside the circle.

And who is not.


The Gospel of Mark is full of little devices I like to call “Markan sandwiches,” though more reasonable people use the term interpolations. The author of Mark creates these textual sandwiches by starting a story, inserting a second, then finishing the first.

If the sandwich in Mark 5 were real, the text would be grilled cheese and the author Alton Brown. Read more “Purity Culture, Jesus, and the Markan Narrative”

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Jesus Denies Having Wife, Says Foreknowledge of Followers’ Sexual Repression Assured His Perpetual Bachelorhood

jesus wife

In response to the verification of the ancient papyrus popularly dubbed Gospel of Jesus’ Wife, the Lord himself issued a statement denying that he ever married:

“I know that Dan Brown and a fourth century scribe have suggested that I tied the knot during my life on earth, but I want to say very clearly that the only knots I tied were in the stomachs of the religious establishment – no marriage for me.” Read more “Jesus Denies Having Wife, Says Foreknowledge of Followers’ Sexual Repression Assured His Perpetual Bachelorhood”

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What the Gospel Is Not, In Seven Words or Less

Inspired by Nick Ahern’s contribution, “The Gospel In Seven Words Or Less“, to the previous Christian Century post, I’m christening a contest of my own.  In the original post, people come up with a sentence (no more than seven words long) that boils down the message of the Christian Gospel.  One of his examples was “Having died and rise, Jesus conquers death.”

English: By Rembrandt.
“The Evangelist Matthew Inspired by an Angel” (Rembrandt)

In this contest, however, you are challenged to present (in seven words or less) a gospel that we Christians sometimes find ourselves believing, even though it isn’t  the heart of the Gospel.

Example:  “Jesus Christ, my slightly judgmental genie.”

Your turn 🙂

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