The “Divine Coin Flip”: A Perfect God Using Less-Than-Perfect Means

Work smart, not hard.

The Creation of Adam

It is entirely uncontroversial in Christian circles to suggest that God communicates through culture; we believe that God speaks through written books and human mouths. Suggest for a moment that these tools of communication aren’t perfect or perfected by God, on the other hand, and you might find yourself tied to a stake (or in jeapordy of losing your job).

What if the perfect God used imperfect tools? What if God’s communications were entirely “true,” but still retained some of humanity’s limitations? Read more “The “Divine Coin Flip”: A Perfect God Using Less-Than-Perfect Means”

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My Childhood Fresco

My parents sold our house from my childhood recently.  Vicky and I had visited a few weeks beforehand to gather our left-over things, reminisce, and enjoy it one last time.

It was an odd thing to walk away from something so attached to the life of my mind.  The spaces and smells which gave context and meaning to most of my growing-up experience… left vacant and somehow less meaningful.  I wondered how many treasured things I had left buried around that property, things I would never see again.

So I took something with me.

There is a patch of plastered wall in my parents’ bedroom Read more “My Childhood Fresco”

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