When Faith, Patriotism, and Ignorance Meet Fur Coats

(Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

A group of Americans/Christians/Concerned Individuals gathered at the White House to protest a scheduled Sharia Law Rally last March.  Well, the Sharia people were a no-show, so the crowd took interest in a single Muslim praying in their vicinity.  What ensued was videotaped.

**There is so much in this video, but see if you can spot the following–

  • Randall Terry, a reporter, encouraging Terry Jones with “don’t blink, just do it” in reference to Burn A Quran Day
  • a man shouting “common sense tells you that you cannot love them, kill your enemy, plain and simple,” shortly after which he belts out an Our Father
  • a gentleman holding Starbucks in one hand while shoving a cross in someone’s face with his other
  • a frantic woman battling a praying Muslim with a highly emotional Lord’s Prayer

Ah, the terribly heroic naive woman who attempted to reason with the crowd.  Don’t you love her? God bless her for trying, but I don’t remember us being popular for our diplomacy.

This mixing of faith, patriotism, and ignorance is like taking medication with alcohol– it may be dangerous, it may make us unreasonable, but it sure is entertaining.

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