God Uses Means: Or, How to Avoid Complete Cynicism


There was a moment in worship at Winter Camp last week when all I could think about was change. I was thinking about how I could change myself, how I would change the camp experience if I could, how the Christian Church itself should change… Read more “God Uses Means: Or, How to Avoid Complete Cynicism”

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Beauty and Thanks

The crappy things in this world can hardly stamp out its beauty. Even the crappy things beautify, although sometimes only by comparison.

And I’m thankful for that- for the persistence of beauty.

For my little brother who helped me fix up the rickety old van I’ll desperately need this quarter in school.

For the guy who returned the things I left at Jiffy Lube.

For Speed Levitch and his amazing tour-guide show. Read more “Beauty and Thanks”

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Sad Blogsy, Happy Beard

sad face
(Photo Credit: Sean Durham)

A friend recently told me that my blog is depressing.  I guess my frustration with the world comes through, considering all the criticism I have to offer.  I hold it near to my heart, like someone might a puppy.

The truth is I am sad much of the time… but that isn’t why I write.  I’d like to think that my writing is a celebration of hope.  I groan because I believe we can grow.  I complain because I relish what the world could be.

Please don’t misunderstand the things I write; behind every criticism is a cheer of expectation, behind each complaint a shout of promise.

I lament optimistically. That’s what bearded people do.

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