Remembering Differently: Memorial Day

If my Facebook newsfeed is any indication, Americans do not approach Memorial Day in a uniform way. Some Americans barbecue, party, and celebrate their day off work while others lament the national disconnect with “what the holiday is all about.”

So there’s these two sides of the conversation: Read more “Remembering Differently: Memorial Day”

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Government Shuts Down, Church Realizes God Isn’t American

The nation’s press erupted on Tuesday in the aftermath of a U.S. government shutdown. Commentary on possible ramifications quickly surfaced and speculation about everything from the future of the economy to the fate of the beloved San Diego Zoo Panda Cam filled the air.

Many feared the loss of benefits for veterans and the inevitable boredom following a temporary closure of national parks.

Church Sanctuary

The unfolding crisis, however, seemed to hit one community harder than any other: Church on the Sovereign Rock in Kern County, California. Read more “Government Shuts Down, Church Realizes God Isn’t American”

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Create Your Own Caption: Nifty Gifty U.S. Military Crosses

Nifty-Gifty Military Crosses
Nifty-Gifty Military Crosses

The irony here is strong.  In order to explore the depths of meaning behind these souvenirs recently discovered at a shop in Gorman, California, we’re having a caption contest.  Create a caption for this picture and leave it in the comments.  Good luck and in hoc signo vinces!

UPDATE/DISCLAIMERThere is no disrespect intended by this post, or the subsequent comments, toward the members of our military.  One must realize, however, how crazy the idea of a cross imprinted with the seal of the United States military is.

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For God so Loved… America?

Vicky and I visited a well-known Christian bookstore recently. After purchasing the things we needed, our unofficial (but usual) game of “who-can-find-the-Christian-thing-that-will-make-us-laugh-and-weep-simultaneously” began.  I found a book I was fairly confident would win, but when I heard Vicky whisper my name, I knew the game was over.  She stood next to a display case of drinking glasses with the holy grail of patriotic-Christian irony in her hand.

*In case you are hard of seeing or have a difficult time believing what you see… yes, that is an ellipsis after “For God so Loved”

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