The “Divine Coin Flip”: A Perfect God Using Less-Than-Perfect Means

Work smart, not hard.

The Creation of Adam

It is entirely uncontroversial in Christian circles to suggest that God communicates through culture; we believe that God speaks through written books and human mouths. Suggest for a moment that these tools of communication aren’t perfect or perfected by God, on the other hand, and you might find yourself tied to a stake (or in jeapordy of losing your job).

What if the perfect God used imperfect tools? What if God’s communications were entirely “true,” but still retained some of humanity’s limitations? Read more “The “Divine Coin Flip”: A Perfect God Using Less-Than-Perfect Means”

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When “God’s Will” Becomes A Rubber Stamp

I sometimes stop talking about things that are central to what I believe. I avoid them and cringe when I hear someone invoking them- not because I don’t believe they are important or true, but because I’ve seen them used in terrible ways.  I’ve seen good ideas leave massive consequences in their wake.

Two of those ideas have to do with the sovereignty of God.

“It was God’s will.”

Christians throw this one out there all the time- Read more “When “God’s Will” Becomes A Rubber Stamp”

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