3 Reasons Why We Don’t Study Kingdom-ology

“The kingdom of heaven is at hand.” – Jesus

“Thy kingdom come.”- Everyone Else

It was a decent question.

He had just reviewed 1st century Greek terms like pneuma and theos, then wondered aloud to the class, “if we have theology (study of God), pneumatology (study of the Spirit), and ecclesiology (study of the church), why don’t we have basilea-ology:  study of the Kingdom?” Read more “3 Reasons Why We Don’t Study Kingdom-ology”

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Love for the Bible Led Me to Evolution [Part 3: Science]

This is the third in a four part series on evolution and Christianity.
Part 1: Fundamentals

Part 2: Scripture 
Part 3: Science
Part 4: Consequences


I don’t have ”faith in science.” I have made a conscious, intellectual decision to accept the overwhelming consensus of demonstrably knowledgeable and trained scientists across the world and for several generations.

-Peter Enns

By epsos

The earth is old and life evolved from single-celled organisms.

At least that’s what it looks like to nearly every scientist on this planet.  Including Christian ones. Read more “Love for the Bible Led Me to Evolution [Part 3: Science]”

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Speaking of God

A word is dead when it’s been said, some say. I say it just begins to live that day.

-Emily Dickinson

This was an emotional creation. I usually disl...

In nearly every instance, speaking of God requires the use of metaphor.  We don’t have a whole lot of experience with transcendent beings, so we’re left with comparing God to what we do know and experience. Read more “Speaking of God”

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The “Divine Coin Flip”: A Perfect God Using Less-Than-Perfect Means

Work smart, not hard.

The Creation of Adam

It is entirely uncontroversial in Christian circles to suggest that God communicates through culture; we believe that God speaks through written books and human mouths. Suggest for a moment that these tools of communication aren’t perfect or perfected by God, on the other hand, and you might find yourself tied to a stake (or in jeapordy of losing your job).

What if the perfect God used imperfect tools? What if God’s communications were entirely “true,” but still retained some of humanity’s limitations? Read more “The “Divine Coin Flip”: A Perfect God Using Less-Than-Perfect Means”

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Theological Glass Ceiling

One month before college graduation I realized that my theological training had been futile.  I confided in one of my professors, telling him that I didn’t see what there was left to do in the field; all of the proper theology had been explored and verified, all that remained was to repackage and sell ideas previously conceived.

This may sound insane to you, because it is.  To ponder the depths of an infinite God and feel as if everything were understood is lunacy.

I hadn’t arrived at this conclusion on my own overnight, however.  A prevailing thought permeated the background of my college experience (and local churches by extension); the really good theology ended at some point in history and everything “new” was to be regarded with suspicion. One specific golden age or another had Read more “Theological Glass Ceiling”

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