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Hunger in America – Interview with Allison Bovell – 035

Mona sits down with guest Allison Bovell for a discussion on hunger in America. Allison is the Research, Policy and Communications Coordinator for the Boston Medical Center. She will help provide needed insight on the issue of hunger in america. Things like government assistance programs, economic factors, health and developmental issues, and of course a theological perspective.

Remembering Differently: Memorial Day

If my Facebook newsfeed is any indication, Americans do not approach Memorial Day in a uniform way. Some Americans barbecue, party, and celebrate their day off work while others lament the national disconnect with “what the holiday is… Read More

Talking About War: American Mass Media and Christian Theology

This project centers on mass media portrayals of military and warfare in the United States and seeks to reflect upon them through the application of practical theology.  Elements of the Christian theological tradition will serve the current project… Read More

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It Isn’t Barbarism When We’re Giving Kudos

This week’s GOP presidential debate showcased an eruption of applause for Governor Rick Perry and his state’s track record of 234 more inmate executions than any other state, “more than any other governor in modern times.”  Barbaric? According… Read More

Create Your Own Caption: Nifty Gifty U.S. Military Crosses

The irony here is strong.  In order to explore the depths of meaning behind these souvenirs recently discovered at a shop in Gorman, California, we’re having a caption contest.  Create a caption for this picture and leave it… Read More


Addressing Our Heart Warming Practice of Self-Interest in 300 Words or Less

We respond to a discussion starter in 300 words or less each week in our Christian Ethics class. This week’s topic was particularly beautiful, so I thought I’d share it:


Pin the Tail on the Death Penalty

“Justice is blind,” or so the saying goes.  If justice were blind in the United States of America, why are blacks who kill whites twenty-two times more likely to face execution than blacks who kill blacks?[1]  Why does… Read More

The Ten Most Ironic Things in the American Patriot’s Bible

The American Patriot’s Bible. For some of you, this title is irony enough.  The vivid colors and Declaration-esque typeset on the cover fall in and out of your vision when you scan the book shelves at your local… Read More

For God so Loved… America?

Vicky and I visited a well-known Christian bookstore recently. After purchasing the things we needed, our unofficial (but usual) game of “who-can-find-the-Christian-thing-that-will-make-us-laugh-and-weep-simultaneously” began.  I found a book I was fairly confident would win, but when I heard Vicky… Read More